2018 Lodge Prices & Availability

2018 Price & Availability

Last Updated on 4th January 2018

We are also open for all dates in November & December

The deposit to secure any week is £100

There is a small charge for doggies of £30 per dog per week.

The deposit is not Refundable if you cancel after 10 days from making the booking.

Wessex Lodge
10th to 17th £320 Available
  17th to 24th £450 Available
  24th to 31st £730 Available
  31st to 7th £730 Booked
7th to 14th £730 Available
 Easter 14th to 21st £660 Available
  21st to 28th £680 Available
Early/May 28th to 5th £690 Available
  5th to 12th £720 Booked
12th to 19th £690 Available
19th to 26th £720 Booked
 Spring 26th to 2nd £940 Booked
2nd to 9th £770 Booked
  9th to 16th £880 Booked
  16th to 23rd £880 Booked
  23rd to 30th £910 Booked
  30th to 7th £935 Booked
  7th to 14th £1050 Available
School Hols 14th to 21st £1370 Available
School Hols 21st to 28th £1370 Available
School Hols 28th to 4th £1,370 Available
School Hols 4th to 11th £1,370 Available
School Hols 11th to 18th £1,370 Available
School Hols 18th to 25th £1,370 Booked
School Hols 25th to 1st £1,370 Booked
  1st to 8th £769 Booked
  8th to 15th £730 Booked
  15th to 22nd £690 Available
  22nd to 29th £720 Available
  29th to 6th £720 Available
6th to 13th £720 Booked
  13th to 20th £810 Available
Half Term 20th to 27th £810 Available
Half Term 27th to 3rd £810 Available
  3rd to 10th £380 Available
  10th to 17th £340 Available
  17th to 24th £340 Available

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